Stringing it together…

Time to string!

Time to string!

Tying together the loose ends

String, super glue, wire cutters & scrap paper

   Now that the pins are in place, it’s time for the final step! 

While in London, I stayed in Connaught Hall, a college dorm located in Bloomsbury. This became my home base during the stay; for this project, I marked Connaught Hall with a silver nail, and used it as the center point. Every string on the board leads back “home.”



Starting on the pin side, I used a tiny bit of super glue on the string and wrapped it around the pin, holding for about 20s. Once dry, I worked the string over to the nail and glued it around there. It started to get hard towards the end! There was just the right amount of space on the nail.


DSC_0692The end result might not be that appealing to the eye, but that will be fixed once the board is hanging on my wall. Seeing how far I traveled to go to certain places and how local I stayed for others is fascinating…Time to ponder that in another blog!


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