Beginning to Physically Map London!

Time for me to start physically mapping my experience!

For this project, I took my map of Central London that I constantly used while studying abroad and glued it to a piece of cork. I also included a map of the tub underneath.

My map of Central London and the Tube on cardboard

My map of Central London and the Tube on cork

At Michael’s craft store, I bought a box of “map pins” to mark off all of the places I visited in Central London.

Map Pins

Map Pins



Some of the places I went to during my stay are not  located on this map, so they will not be included in the  “Mapping London” project.






Me mapping!


I hadn’t realized how difficult it was to navigate a map when you aren’t actually on the streets, figuring out how to get to your destination. Even using Google to find the address of the places I was trying to map wasn’t much help!




Why so lonely?

Hmm, this looks interesting…










Ideas about next few blog posts started to percolate…Why is there a group of multi-colored pins clustered over here? What’s the significance of the lonely yellow pin in the corner of the map?


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